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Frustration spawned Steele Recruiting.  

In 2004 Justin Steele was not impressed.  After sitting through focus group after focus group of mumblers, negative nancys, and respondents who had never even heard of the product he was studying, he'd had enough.  "I could do a better job than this!" he said out loud during dinner after a particularly disappointing group.  No problem, said the project manager.  And with that Steele Recruiting was born.


Over the past 10+ years Steele Recruiting has recruited thousands of people for all types of market research needs.  We specialize in reaching young people ages 18-35 and have deep experience in the gaming industry.  We have an extensive database and leverage creative techniques to get you the right people for your research.  



Justin Steele

Justin has over 10 years of market research experience as a moderator, project manager, and recruiter.  He started his career in the restaurant industry and still has a passion for food. Justin has a BS in Foreign Service from Georgetown University.



Jeremy Steele
Director of Operations

Jeremy's research experience comes from working on the client side at Clorox.  He started his career in consulting and has a BS in Business Administration from Cal Berkeley and an MBA from USC  Marshall School of Business.



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